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1) Be accepted
2) Feel Love
3) Make a meaningful contribution
4) Receive Respect

PHILOSOPHY:  We work with our distinct customer groups to ensure that we lead the way by serving first. This means that we will lead them in exploring possibilities, discovering opportunities and achieving dreams. We will accomplish this by using a strengths-based model and the belief that ALL people, regardless of their abilities, have the same desires to:

VISION: Our goal is to be recognized as a results-oriented leader, respected for its model, systems, outcomes and competent professionals in the service industry of youth, adolescents, adults and families with intellectual, cognitive, emotional and behavioral challenges throughout Indiana.
MISSION STATEMENT: CSS builds upon foundational principles that foster the inclusion of ALL people and support youth, adults and families in exploring possibilities, discovering opportunities and achieving dreams. 

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  • Accountability 
  • Collaboration
  • Empowerment
  • Excellence
  • Respect
  • Reliability
  • Transparency
  • Behavior Management 
  • Community Habilitation - Individual & Group
  • Participant and Assistant Care
  • Residential Habilitation and Support
  • Respite
  • Transportation


Mission, Vision and philosophy

  • Community Integration and Habilitation Waiver 
  • Family Supports Waiver
  • Private Pay
OUR QUALITY POLICY: Cornerstone is committed to total customer satisfaction through on time delivery of services, quality of our life skills training and supports, and continual improvement of our Quality Management System. Cornerstone will utilize the CARE model to support the Quality Policy and let our customers know we care about providing quality service and exceeding customer expectations. 

GUIDING PRINCIPLES: Cornerstone is committed to: 

  • Being a partner as our clients pursue their hopes and dreams 

  • Nurturing a relationship based on trust, dependability and accountability 

  • Listening to and understanding our clients' needs 

  • Responding to clients' requests in a timely and efficient manner 

  • Ensuring that client interests are our top priority

  • Building on our clients’ strengths 

  • Respecting our client's choice and right to choose

  • Cultivating a culture of shared responsibility 

  • Clarifying roles and expectations 

  • Exploring options that will lead to a “safe and healthy” solution 

  • Designing a “Lifestyle Support Map” with our clients and their support systems that will lead to achievement of a meaningful and fulfilled life

  • Providing competent, professional and courteous staff 

  • Planning strategies that are structured, organized and intentional 

  • Evaluating service delivery and promoting continuous improvement